Friday, August 17, 2007

Oh, you clever boys and girls...

You've discovered the most secret of secrets! It's treasure, in prose form! Yes indeed, my fine feathered friends, this is a work in progress that you've stumbled upon!

This is freakStomp Novelties official blog, before the blog becomes official! We're tinkering with the layout, tinkering with the format, tinkering with the tinkering! This blog will mold itself and change over the coming days, until it is officially official in all the official ways it should officially be!

Let me tell you more secrets. Lean closer, sons and daughters, I have to whisper...

These are just a few of the brass rings you can grab as you ride the carousel horses:

  1. BEHIND THE SCENES - yes, we're opening the flaps of the sideshow to you, our dearest and closest friends, and letting you peer into the workings of our jumbled minds! There will be story notes, preliminary sketches, chat logs, and so much more! We expose our breasts to you and allow you to watch our hearts pound against the skin!
  2. CONTESTS - oh yes, there will be prizing! Treasure much more valuable than the toxic Kewpie dolls from Thimbleton's carnival games! Very little in the way of entry requirements, and much in the way of free things for your neighbors to covet! Share them with your special friends, and taunt your special enemies!
  3. STRANGE AND EXOTIC NEWS AND LINKS: From all over the globe, delivered into your hot little hands by your modest host!
  4. THE freakStomp PODCAST: Our Revival Tent will be open for Town Hall Discussion sooner than you think!
  5. PICTURES AND VIDEO - transmitted to your Barker straight from the travels of BJ, Leo, and Clootie! See the world through their eyes!
  6. COMMUNITY GATHERINGS - Yes, this blog may be hosted by your Barker, but it belongs to you, and we'll be featuring the more unusual among you right here in living Technicolor photographs and flowery prose!
  7. FREAK OF THE WEEK - Our weekly featurette spotlighting real human oddities throughout history, told in a respectful manner, with photographs and links and original artwork! Open your mind and celebrate the unusual with The inHumane Society!

Oh, and there's more, much more. Once you purchase a ticket, once you stroll through the fairway, your ticket is good for life! You may never want to leave...and we may never let you...

See you soon, children of all ages...