Monday, October 22, 2007

Apologies and the Fall Schedule

Sorry I've been missing, kids - your Barker had to flee redneck justice embark on an impromptu south-of-the-border vacation for a few days, and while there discovered that Tijuana can be just as uptight about archaic morals and laws. I ask you, as long as everyone involved is a consenting adult, what's a little duct tape and Chloroform amongst friends?

As you know, the Fall season is the busy season for the traveling Carnival and Circus. So, it's with a heavy heart and a light pocket that I must inform you of an adjustment in posting frequency here at The Barker's Blog throughout the rest of the calendar year. From now until January 2008 we'll be going to a Monday/Wednesday/Friday schedule. I'll still be here, but in a diminished capacity. After January 1st, we'll try to resume a Monday through Friday regularity.
And, since your Barker is currently posting this by leeching Wi-Fi from a holding cell using his lawyer's laptop while still basking in the Tijuana sun, it will be next Monday, October 29th before I'm able to post again. Everyone needs clemency a vacation once in a while!

I'll see you in seven to ten next Monday!

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