Thursday, October 4, 2007

Tragic Magic #1

Friends, yer old pal The Barker has been having so much fun digging through his colossal collection of esoteric comics that he thought he'd just go ahead and declare this "Comix Caravan Week!" Today's selection is from Funny Stuff #45, published in May 1949 by National Comics Publications (better known today as DC Comics). This is also the first in our series of Tragic Magic Tricks, simple prestidigitation you can do with ordinary household objects, which will completely confound co-coworkers and co-inhabitants alike! Trixy the Magic Monkey (who may very well resemble some of your co-workers and co-inhabitants) shows you a basic coin trick to kick things off! Apparently, Trixy has human hands! Freaky-deaky!

There's also a weird ad for collectible dog head toothpaste caps at the bottom of the page (we used to give these away as Bozo Consolation Prizes to dopes who lost a lot of dough playing one of our midway games)!

You'll see Trixy here again from time to time, so be sure to bring her (him? I can never tell) a sack of shell peanuts to show your appreciation!

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Eryngium said...

"Collect Dog Heads" is my new favorite slogan. EVER.