Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Midway Slang #3

The Barker comes around to your table at the Hash House again, filling up your plate with another heapin' helpin' of linguistic linguini!

Badger Game — This is a con where a "manager" sells some dope the keys to the room of an attractive female carnie, and the dope expects to get all sexed-up! When he gets there, however, all he's going to find is a raging bohunk "husband" or "boyfriend," who's gonna rattle his teeth if he doesn't cough up some dough! There's a slight variation on The Badger Game in the film The Grifters, which we regard around here at Thimbleton's as something of a training video.

Lot Lizard - This is a lady of the evening who works the sidelines of a carnival - never on the actual midway, but maybe the parking lot, or maybe the truck stops along the carny route. Also known as a "Blister Sister," for obvious reasons. Wrap that rascal!

Posing Show - Basically a strip show, where the strippers get around any indecency laws by still posing on stage in recreations of famous works of art. Slick, because you could get yourself a peek or two and feel all cultured about it! There was even a posing show at the 1939 New York World's Fair!

So when you get all worked-up at the Posing Show and feel that urge, for gosh sakes don't buy the keys to a Lot Lizard's room, because that Blister Sister's boyfriend is gonna be behind the door waiting, and the only thing coming out of your pants will be your wallet!

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