Monday, September 17, 2007

Come One, Come All...

Sidle right up to the stagefront, ducks and chicks (no pushing, lady), and peel an eye towards your new best friend The Barker (that's me, and don't worry, I'll peel your ears for ya) as I lay it all down!

Welcome to the Graaaaaaaaaaaaand Opening of freakStomp Novelties official blog, The Barker's Blog! Every Monday thru Friday (weekends off so I can lose them, it's in my contract) I'll be pitching some entertainment your way, along with a liberal sprinkling of capitalistic greed!

If you were lucky enough to take a gander at our Secret Post (which has been up here all by its lonesome for over a month), you have an inkling - but if you weren't, let me inkle you right now! Cast your gaze to the post directly below this one for what you can expect from myself and the freakStomp gang over the coming days, weeks, months...forever, even.

And what do we expect in return for all this top-notch hopscotch? NOTHING!

Well, far be it for me, a simple carnival pitchman, to try and sell you things, but if you have some cash, and you maybe wanna exchange some of it for goods, then maybe you could click on the link below and check out our ebay store, if you feel like it:

There's lots of neato keeno stuff there already, and there'll be even neato-er keeno-er things soon to come, in many colors, shapes, and sizes!

And if you do buy something from us, send us a picture of yourself via the email address in my profile, along with a little info about yourself (website you want to plug, etc.), and we'll add you to our "Friends of freakStomp" category! It's almost like instant fame, without all the pressures of being an actual celebrity!

How was that pitch? Soft enough for ya?

And now, without further adieu (and oh, how I do), let's get on with the show!

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