Thursday, September 20, 2007

Coming Repulsions!

Kids, The Barker scours the worldwide web every day for you in search of oddities, and today he's found a dilly! The following is a trailer (oh, I do love trailers, those nights in the rear of the carnival, after hours, all sorts of things happen in the trailers when the lights go dim...but this isn't that kind of trailer) from a troupe called The Unholy Sideshow promoting their upcoming cinematic masterpiece entitled...well, The Unholy Sideshow.

It has Freaks, Zombies, a Sideshow Geek, Dr. Demento and Rob Zombie look-alikes, and all the wretched acting you've come to expect from an extremely low-budget independent film! Your Barker thinks it's fantastic!

So settle in, grab a tub of stale popcorn drenched with the liquid yellow death of synthetic butter, and enjoy these piercing visuals from The Unholy Sideshow!


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You might think of using 'greasemonkey' (sounds like a name you'd be acquainted with somehow...)to download videos from youtube and then upload them through blogger. The latter takes AGES but it wouldn't be subject to outside forces.