Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Kid From Borneo!

Folks, one of The Barker's favorite leisure-time activities during the off-hours at Thimbleton's is to kick off his sawdust stompers, crank up the old Video Victrola, and relax in his rocker while watching some classic comedy shorts!

The Little Rascals comedy series was produced from 1922 through 1944, with an ever-rotating cast of naturally talented youngsters. Hal Roach Studios produced the series up until 1938, when he sold it to MGM. The series has been called both "Our Gang" and "The Little Rascals" over the years, but the official title of the series is Our Gang. The series produced 221 short features in all.

The Barker and freakStomp Novelties are going to share a classic Our Gang short with you today from 1933, entitled The Kid From Borneo.

In this short, Spanky's wandering Uncle George has returned from travel with a new sideshow attraction, "The Wild Man From Borneo." Spanky's Dad is none too fond of his wife's brother, and refuses to let him in the house! Spanky's Mom sends the kids down to the Carnival to meet George, but since none of them have ever met him, they mistake Bumbo the Wild Man for George! Bumbo's got a sweet tooth and a bottomless stomach, so when he sees Stymie's bag of treats he takes off after them, following them back to Spanky's house, where hilarity ensues!

FUN FACT: The "Kid From Borneo" (or Bumbo) was played by John Lester Johnson, a retired boxer who once went ten rounds with Jack Dempsey in 1916, breaking several of Dempsey's ribs!

We've broken this Abso-Loot-Lee Free-of-Charge show into two segments, so please take that opportunity to buy yourself a fresh bag of popping corn at the Thimbleton concession stand during the intermission between parts!

Yum-Yum, eat 'em up, and enjoy the show!




Anonymous said...

Great find, Barker! i haven't seen these in years. I think kids would still get a kick out of 'em today even in the absence of all the attitude kids shows have now. Spanky's laugh is adorable and I love the part where Stymie's feet turn backwards to get a jump start on his escape.

The Barker said...

Stymie is your Barker's favorite Little Rascal! Did you know the derby he wears was given to him by Stan Laurel of Laurel and Hardy fame? Well, Sir or Madam, now you do!

bzak said...


My brother and sister and I loved this one! I remember seeing it as a kid on TV, along with the Fleisher Popeyes and The Three Stooges.

Brian James Riedel

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