Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Midway Slang #1

As we drift together through the melancholy dunes of sawdust here at Thimbleton's, we whisper to each other in passing in the ancient language of the Carny. Your old (how old am I? If you guess my age and weight, I'll give you a prize!) pal The Barker speaks in many tongues, but the tongue which slips across the sugary skin of candied apples is his favorite! And now I'll share some of that doublespeak with you, from time to time...try to work it into everyday conversations, kid. For instance, when you're trying to land that big fish on your latest telemarketing scam! Your boss'll love you for it. Well, I will, anyway...

The Advance Man — This is the slicker who takes care of all the busywork such as licenses and paying sponsors before our carny trailers roar through your main streets. Sometimes he greases a lot of official palms to "look the other way" during our stay in your cozy, honest little town.

BC — This is a shorthand warning from one worker to another to knock it off, shut it down, cease whatever it is you're doing! To Be Cool. Maybe an incorruptible sheriff is giving you the eye from around the corner and you don't notice; maybe some rough redneck is winding up to crunch a fist into your Adam's Apple while you're busy skimming all the money out of his dear old Granny's coin purse - whatever it is, Buster, you better BC and drop it until you find out for sure!

Peek the Poke — This is when an operator of a "game" uses a sidekick to look through the group gathered round, and pick out potential players with plenty of money so those folks can be set up for the pinch!

Be sure to have your Advance Man take care of business, so you won't have to BC if your buddy gets busted Peeking the Poke!

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Anonymous said...

Wow! Thanks Mr. Barker, sir, these will sure come in handy around the water cooler to lend some credibility to the "on the fringe" aura I project to my co-workers. Now they will not only know that I'm from another planet but they'll be asking to accompany me home for the holidays! You, sir, are a godsend!