Friday, September 28, 2007

Freaky Friday Funnies!

Folks, last week's presentation on National Comics was such a hit on the blog here that The Barker and freakStomp Novelties have decided to make carnival comic stories a reg'lar feature attraction! Every Friday will kick your weekend off right in the shiny seat of your pants with a different comic book story, comic strip, or gag panel with a carnival, circus, or sideshow theme!

This week we continue the adventures of that Other Barker, from National Comics #54, June 1946! This story is titled "The Curse of Raz-Ma-Taz" and features The Barker and his sideshow gang tackling a cursed Mummy! It's wrapped with laffs!

Be sure to click each picture to enlarge them to reading size!

Check back next week, Monday through Friday for more unusual attractions at The Barker's sideshow, brought to you by freakStomp Novelties!


Anonymous said...

1946. Exactly 30 years before the Scooby-Doo Gang solved their first monster mystery. Cole's art is so solid. Love the story's breezy tone. A fun find, Barker!

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